About Us

Our products at Creative Glut are made with the idea that your house should be a haven, and they are intended to improve your quality of life.Our product line is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest global trends, colors and styles, ensuring that we meet the expectations of modern customers. We are home grown Indian brand. The most delightful word is HOME. It is just not a word it's an emotion. We spend most of the time in our home, starting from your morning tea to your sweet dreams. At home you live you happy and not so happy moments with your loved ones and that is what makes a "house" your "home." We are here to make your home more beautiful with our exclusive range of handcrafted products. Our every product is made while keeping in mind that it is earth friendly. We can make every day earth day by gifting our products to your loved ones and yourself as our products are natural and made of renewable material. We also work as a home decorator.